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We are a professional training center in the telecom field providing deep and practical technical training courses serving the purpose of continuing professional development. Certifications are issued upon completion of each course. Our courses are offered in various flexible way including in our classroom and at your preferred location or on line.

The instructors combine 30 years of experience on site and in-class training from manufactory & operator companies around the world. The training courses also serve as platforms for engineers from all over the world to share experience and points of views in telecom network design. No matter you are a newly graduated or senior engineer with years of experience, you will enjoy the fun and relaxation of learning and refreshing in our classroom. You are very welcome to join us at any one of the following courses.

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Microwave Network Design and Pathloss Program Certification Training Course 

Pathloss 5.1 training course is provided by our experienced instructors who are registered professional engineers. Pathloss microwave design program has become world widely used by experienced engineers in microwave transmission engineering design. The detailed PTP and PTMP microwave transmission planning procedure and propagation theory will be explained in depth. The formulas behind the buttons will be revealed step by step during the 3 day hands-on practical class. Setting upterrain data, clutter data, radio and antenna files creations are the keys to start the program.

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In-depth Pathloss 5.1 training Course, in Classroom and On-Line via GoToMeeting

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Webinar on Microwave design using Pathloss program Q&A (Twice a month to cover different time zones)

Our instructor will share 25 year experience with you during a period of a few hours to answer your paticalar questions on microwave system design using Pathloss program. It will also covers some key points and the latest updates of the program and terrain/clutter database. Definitely a good opportunity of knowledge refresh!


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Microwave Radio Theory, equipment installation, monitoring and troubleshooting Training Course 

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