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We have downloaded the training recordings and files for the 4 days. Thank you for providing these, we find them very useful when we go over the design phases by ourselves.

Thanks again for a very informative and practical course, Pathloss is not an intuitive program to use but you made it much easier to understand with your explanations.

Steve, Australia

I am very pleased for an outstanding training course. I find it very useful and practical and overall flexible. Catherine my instructor demonstrated very professional and knowledgeable no only using Pathloss 5 tool actually about Microwave technologies and all theory involved. I highly recommend this training for professionals interested in the use of Pathloss. Catherine answered and clarified all my questions during extensive practice models which for me is the best way to learn this kind of design tool. Sincerely,

Alfredo Dominguez, Shaw Communications – Calgary, AB


Subject: My words appreciation for a magnificently presented Pathlos5.1 training course

Good day Catherine

When we started I introduced myself to you as aprivate candidate who works for Multinational Corporation with HQ in Milan. Private candidate meaning I would settle the online training course bill on my own.

Due to the fact that I am employed full-time from08:00 to 17:00 five days a week, I was just wondering how on earth I can attend a training course in Canada, but the online option solved my problems. Your availability over the weekend from 14:00 to 18:00 for Saturday and Sunday was an option which never occurred on my mind before. This was a big plus factor which allowed me to achieve my objective of upgrading my RF planning skills
using Pathloss 5.1.

I would like to inform you that my expectations were fully met on the first few hours of your presentation, so the
rest of the training was a big bonus for me. I was very impressed by the way you broke down complicated topics in RF propagation by referring to very easy to follow formulas and applying the tool.

The presentation slides were perfectly written and easy to read with all relevant information. By referring to the
presentation document and supported by your very good oral presentation I felt like I was part of your classroom all the time even though I was thousands of kms away.

You allowed me sufficient time to ask questions and to work through examples during presentation. You gave me a chance to present my current work challenges of which you helped me understand better my customer’s network. This was the first experience of its kind given all trainingcourses I have attended before for a candidate to be allowed to ask practical questions and have them solved by an expert like yourself.

This is my sincere way of appreciation towards your superb presentation skills, and huge practical experience. Pathloss 5.1 menu was explained in detail for every parameter that mattered. The whole training course was presented in a very professional manner, you were consistently on time and every minute allocated to the training course was fully utilized for my benefit. Taking into count the training occurred over the three weekends so everything worked precisely according plan. Your availability throughout the week for me to ask questions by emails was of great benefit to me.
The amount of money which I paid for this course was definitely worth the value of the training course and more. This training course has already had a big effect on my career, I now feel very confident to talk about topics like Space diversity, Interference analysis and many more of which a few weeks ago were a nightmare for me. I am a very satisfied student. On top of this I get a certificate, this is excellent for my career growth.

Regards, Khaya, South Africa


Thank you very much for your instruction and knowledge.  I feel like all of the gaps have been filled in and my knowledge has increased exponentially.  I found that the Digital Microwave Radio Basics class helped build the foundation that when combined with the Pathloss training, I understand why the path fails or succeeds instead of just knowing the results. I would recommend both classes to anyone in the industry.

Thank you, Brandon, Las Vegas, USA

Dear Catherine,

 It was a great pleasure for me to join your course, I really admired your explanation and presentation method, and as you often say if I remember well "I use picture to make paragraph understandable", by this way, you turn complex subject into an easy and practical one, Also I adored when you add some laughter to the course which makes it fun, and finally, you answered all my questions.

 I will be happy to recommend you to any of my friends who is interested in Pathloss classes.Sid, Algeria

Hello Catherine,

 Thank you for taking the time to train us on PathLoss. We really enjoyed the training. You did a great job on the training and were able to answer all of our questions. You also know the content very well and presented it well.

 Very Respectfully, Joshua, TX, USA

Hi Catherine,

 Thank you very much for having me in your Pathloss Training session. The level of knowledge and expertise you have in microwave network design and relevant topics is really inspiring and impressive. I am glad I could get training from such an experienced person like you. You are an excellent instructor and an expert at managing the training session keeping in view the experience level of all the attendees. Thank you for being kind and patient throughout the training session and answering all the queries in detail and satisfactory way. You were quite helpful during the session.

Thank you!! Best Regards, Rabeeah, Toronto, Canada

Just to say thank you for an outstanding training course. I was able learn Pathloss 5 in a very short amount of time because of the right balance between theory and practice, your patience and ability to answers my multiple questions, and your vast knowledge on the subject. I will definitely recommend this training to anyone using Pathloss or working with MW.

Alberto, Boston USA

One-on-One On-Line Pathloss 5 training
Is the price acceptable?---Yes
Is the time slot flexible?---Extremely
How is the follow-up after training? ---Very open and available
Did the training serve your purpose and
Competency of the instructor etc---The training was excellent, I thought the instructor knowledge was outstanding
Suggestions to improve---None at this time

----Roger, RYKAUAS, Seattle

I too want to say thank you to both you and Rob for the training. I learned a lot and felt both classes were very informative and will help immensely. You and Rob are very knowledgeable on Pathloss and Microwave and could have not ask for better instructors. Like Joe stated as I work through my current and future projects if any questions arise I will defiantly reach out to you.--Phil, Commnet Wireless, Denver

I am writing on behalf of Ms. Catherine Liu regarding the course on Training of Pathloss 5 which she has taught and I was fortunate to attend.
During the course I was greatly impressed by Ms. Catherine Liu`s vast knowledge, not only on Pathloss Software, but also on a variety of subjects connected to planning and testing Multi-Channel Radio. Ms. C. Liu has instructed in a pleasant and positive attitude, while responding skillfully to my endless and rather complicated professional questions, which were not necessarily always in direct accordance with the nature of the course. Her immense help, guidance and advice are undoubtedly going to help us a lot in developing and testing the new generation of MCR in the years to come.
I wish to express my gratitude to Ms. Catherine Liu for her outstanding ability, useful comments and attention she has extended to me. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Ms. C. Liu. Anyone wishing to get guidance in Pathloss should make sure he gets it from her. Eventually, he will be as grateful as I am.
Dr. David Stern, Senior Director
Head Scientist, Radio Systems Elbit Systems Land C4l

The PL5 training was developed from a deep level ofIMG_1671.JPG intense knowledge with an overwhelming amount of real world experiences. The instructor Catherine has a unique ability to explain complex calculations in a manner which is easy to understand and comprehend. The small class size allows for unlimited amount of time to ask questions and discuss different types of design scenarios. I strongly recommend this phenomenal training for anyone who works with Pathloss or designs microwave networks. The training facility in Cornwall is an ideal learning environment, the food, lodging and surrounding area are just perfect, relaxing, and comfortable.
If I could condense this training review into one word it would be "Epic"
The very best training, conducted by a truly experienced professional who is happy to share a monumental, impressive amount of knowledge with whomever attends this magnificent class!

Thank you Catherine!!!

Mike Soule
Sentinel Technologie, Chicago, IL

After 2 days of recovering from severe jet lag...I am now up and running and ready to face the world...literally!
I just want to drop a quick note to you guys and say big THANK YOU for making my stay a memorable ones.

Chef Luc,

I missed the beef Curry with Rice that you cooked the other day...that was one of the best curry I have ever had and I am totally honest when I say this! Thanks for accommodating my request and hope you can explore more about Halal Food after this. In fact the Halal Beef & Chicken can be your basic meal since the food is for everyone..not just the Muslims J

The training session was very good. My general knowledge has improved and my pathloss knowledge has definitely increased as well. Apart from few bugs in the SW, it is still a very good tool. Keep it up and I will send another e-mail asking for quotation later (after my discussion with Emy and my supervisor).

Also, send my regards to the Lady Driver...

After 1 week there...I can sum it up by saying The Canadians Rock! You guys are a bunch of nice people and please retain that value...it is really priceless nowadays


Mohd Tarmizi Hashim, Shell

I enjoyed the courses very much, and I feel that I benefitted a lot from them. I think that the most important component was the knowledge and experience that both you and Rob brought into the presentations.

John, NorthWestel

Telecom Training Center provided a clear introduction to Pathloss 5 in the three day class. It helped that the group was already familiar with microwave design but there were many functions to cover. She is very knowledgeable on both the program and radio theory and better, she can effectively help students understand a piece at a time. She helped us to include clutter data from the USGS database in example designs effectively demonstrating this new feature of Pathloss 5. I am very satisfied in the training received.

Carl, Black & Veatch

Thanks for the friendly environment you created during the training and delivering the subjects higher than my expectation. For sure, I"ll need your help when I start using Pathloss 5.

Ali, Black & Veatch


Thank you for coming last week. I sincerely appreciated learning more detail about the formulas associated with microwave path engineering and the direct effects they have upon availability. Plus there are several other items I learned to raise my awareness on certain topics. I also appreciated the presentation you sent me and your expertise in microwave path engineering.
I was wondering, in the future, if I could call you regarding any challenges I may have using Pathloss V. Would that be acceptable? I may get stuck as I learn to use it!
Some feedback I would recommend for improvement is to cover some real world paths you designed that were a successful challenge. Another one would be investigation of an existing path that was not performing
satisfactorily but after your analysis, recommendations, and design changes, it performed well.
I look forward to conversing with you in the future.

David, Black & Veatch

Sampson advised that he was very pleased with the course and the facility

Martin, YRP, Canada

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to attend both training sessions, they were extremely informative. I was able to absorb a ton of info

Tim, DataDrill, Canada

The Pathloss 4.0 course conducted at the NAV Canada Training Center, Cornwall, ON in Nov-2010 has been a very useful course. It contained both theoretical part and practical examples in designing a microwave radio link using various modules in the Pathloss 4.0 software. The course also included details about obtaining required databases from pathloss website and other sources.
This is a 3 day course. An optional 4th day for the participants to exclusively practice in designing microwave radio networks could be useful.

------Nara, NorthWesTel, Canada

The training on PathLoss PL5 I undertook at NAV Canada training centre was a practical blend of theoretical knowledge with an unbeatable hands-on experience that is carved out from my regional locations that I am quite familiar with. Its a fantastic experience to be guided by a seasoned trainer in a comfortable training centre that seems like back in the university days. Despite the freezing zone, it"s a wonderful learning experience for me.

-------Raphael Faseun, DCC Network, Nigeria

Yes the training program was fantastic, we learned a lot of new things and I would like to note the flexibility you shown in providing the training. Any question we asked regarding any topic you have responded brilliantly. You were patient and willing to explain in layman terms, that is why the course was easy to understand and fun to learn. So it gave me an insight of how the new features of the program perform and to use them which I shall in our daily tasks. Thanks again.

-------Ahmed Nihan, Wataniya Telecom, Maldives

I appreciate your instruction and benefit greatly from your talent and experience.

---------Yale Zhou, Altalink, Alberta Canada

Thank you again for the informative and enjoyable pathloss 4 training session  well done!

---------Mark Fox, Ontario Government, Canada

We owe you a thank you each time we do a link on Pathloss.

---------Amir, WIND Mobile, Canada

Regarding the PathLoss and microwave radio network design training course we attended in October 2010.I would like to thank you for an excellent course. The PathLoss and microwave radio network design training course conducted at the NAV Canada Training Center, Cornwall, ON was the perfect combination of theory and practice. I believe this was so because of the flexibility afforded by your very experienced instructor. Staying onsite at the NAV Canada Training & Conference Centre was very convenient and I would highly recommend it.

----------John McAdam, NB Power Transmission, Canada

I wanted to thank you for the high quality of the training you provided on the Pathloss 4 software. You also provided 'real-world' examples and experience which was directly applicable to our current frequency migration efforts. I now have the knowledge to effectively use the Pathloss software and am able to provide engineering solutions with confidence. Best wishes and I hope we will see you for Pathloss 5 training.

---------Ken, US Government, USA


Thank you for everything. I learned and enjoyed a lot with Telecom Training Center"s pl4 course. I appreciate your kind help and the good teaching.
The hotel was good enough but could be better...
The guides and documents of the course are excellent. Good information and it goes to the point. I liked it that.
Again, thank you for everything and I will contact you for any doubt of MW design and pl4.

---------Pablo, Alcatel-Lucent, Panama

I was really happy that I had the Pathloss 5 course with you these August. I haven"t had a training on these program release before, and really

liked that you helped me a lot with the software and with your own experience. With no doubts, I feel more comfortable designing links with PL5 after the training. There were many little details in this program that we have to keep in mind, and I appreciate that you took that time to go over all the options available. I really appreciate you sharing your experience in link budgets design and your experience with the program; it was really valuable.

---------Ana, Alcatel-Lucent, Deminican Republic


I attended the Pathloss 5 training in September 2011. The training is excellent. The lecture materials are well organized and really made things easier. Thanks to the instructor's extensive experience with Pathloss software and telecom planning, I benefit a lot through the interactive learning process and hands on practice. Overall my learning objection was fully met. I definitely recommend this training course to my colleagues.

--------Kai, Altalink, Calgary, Canada

First off, let me tell you that I really appreciated the class and thought it was professionally presented. There is so much more to learn and I will be working on that every day....

----------Tony, ScentelWireless, USA

It was also a pleasure working with you Rob from our side, I can say without a doubt your training was the best Radio training we have invested in since I have been in the Technical Services dept. (5years).
Thanks for your help and we also look forward to your next visit.

Paul, MECL, PEI, Canada

I would like to say that the RF planning and Pathloss courses were very informative and knowledge impacting. A lot of grey areas were clarified, and new knowledge acquired.
I really benefited from your wealth of experiences on Microwave design during the Pathloss sessions; and also Lynn"s experiences on the RF planning.
The hands-on sessions on the Pathloss tool usage, will enable me to acquire more skills and experience in the future.
Also the training venue NAV center was wonderful, and very hospitable. I will recommend both the courses and venue to my team, and company.
Thanks for making my stay very comfortable; as well.
-----------Emy Ngoye, Shell



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